Carrboro Real Estate Information

When traveling to North Carolina, you will discover that there are a lot of interesting facts about communities and municipalities in this side of America. Originally tagged as West End, Carrboro, a town in the Orange County of North Carolina is one of the places that hold fascinating facts that are uniquely theirs alone.

The town was regarded as one of the most liberal compared to other communities in this part of the United States. One of the issues that made Carrboro gained its tag is when townspeople elected an openly gay mayor. It was in the year 1995 when Mike Nelson won the seat of the head of the town. In addition to this, Carrboro was also the first community in North Carolina that granted domestic-partner benefits to same-sex couples. These are some of the reasons why this humble town created its own identity nationwide.

Carrboro Must-Sees

Traveling to Carrboro would give visitors the chance to see and enjoy the Carrboro Farmer’s Market, where products sold are fresh produces of Carrboro and its nearest neighbors. There you will find an abundance of local cheeses, organic products, baked goodies, and locally made crafts.

Food lovers will be fascinated with a wide array of choices when it comes to dining places. A great number of restaurants are present in this town providing a comfortable place and delicious food for diners. Many eateries and food shops are present to the delight of food fanatics.

Carrboro Art Scene

Arts is one of the nice attractions in Carrboro. This shows that residents and officials of the town pay tribute to music and the arts. The Carrboro Music Festival is one of the celebrations that are well accepted by both locals and visitors. There is also a venue established in the municipality where dance classes and art sessions are held known as the Carrboro Arts Center. These are evidences how art is appreciated in one of the fascinating towns of North Carolina.