Chapel Hill Real Estate Information

Discovering Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is one of the small municipalities in the Orange County of North Carolina; though it is one of the most remarkable too. This is owed to being home to the famous University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is part of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Research Triangle.

This little town pays much attention to education. As a proof, a large part of the community population is composed of master’s degree and doctorate holders. The town of Chapel Hill might be small in population but it spells big in terms of the quality of education and the school system itself. In addition, this little but mighty town has a vibrant business community with the presence of various corporations within the vicinity.

Chapel Hill is also synonymous to sports. In fact, the town takes pride of being known in the fields of women’s soccer and basketball in the college level.

Despite it’s being a small community, entertainment and the arts is alive in this part of North Carolina. The town has been annually celebrated street fairs and festivals on different times each year. Tens of thousands join the festivity including craftsmen, artists, and even food vendors to the delight of locals and visitors coming over to witness the celebrations.

For the food lovers out there, there is so much to look forward to when traveling to Chapel Hill. The Bon Appetit Magazine as “The Foodiest Small Town in America” has named the tiny town. This is noticeable by the large number of food shops and restaurants holding business in Chapel Hill. This is maybe the result of the nice and hospitable environment that spells friendliness to entrepreneur from various sectors. It is also home to many coffee shops and bars frequently visited by enthusiasts of both.

There is still a lot more to discover about this small yet mighty town. Indeed, Chapel Hill is worth to visit and a great option for people out there that value education in preparation for their kid’s future.