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A Glimpse into Durham

Regarded as the county seat of the Durham County in North Carolina, Durham is the fifth largest city in North Carolina when talking about population. Just like Chapel Hill, this county seat is also part of the Durham-Raleigh-Chapel Hill Research Triangle. The town was begun in 1853. It was then the time when officials were searching for a railroad depot between Hillsborough and Raleigh for the North Carolina Railroad.

Durham experienced its economic boom during the 20th century when the Bull Durham Tobacco Company experienced its prosperous years. This is in conjunction with the growth of another tobacco company, Washington Duke’s Duke and Sons Tobacco Company. This then started the reign of the tobacco industry in Durham followed by the textile mills. However, the glorious days of the textile companies when to a halt during the middle of the 20th century. This was followed by the initial downfall of the tobacco industry in Durham.

The 1970s and 1980s marked the gradual rising of the economy of Durham. This started with few housing developments in the city’s southern region. Soon after, downtown reconstruction marked the renaissance of the center of Durham. Construction of different establishments were initialized and continued until the present time.

Fun, entertainment and love of the art and culture is also well expressed in Durham. This is done through the celebration of cultural and art exhibitions, concerts, jazz festivals, and blues festivals. A non-profit art organization was also formed in the county seat. This was named as Durham Association for Downtown Arts.

Just like all other towns, Durham has its own share of local residents to boast for including well-known artists, painters, sportsman, actress, poets, and singers. This is proof of the local resident’s love for the music and arts.

Durham is accessible by air and land travel, bus and rail system is an effective option in going to, from and around Durham. Private vehicles need not worry for the presence of major highways and the Durham Freeway.

Durham is really one of the nicest communities in North Carolina.