Garner Real Estate IInformation

Belonging to one of the towns in the Wake County of North Carolina, Garner, a suburb of Raleigh; another municipality in the state of NC holds a population of 17,757 based on the 2000 census. The population of this municipality reached 25,184 last 2008. It has a total land and water area of 13.6 square miles.

The year 1847 marked the origination of the town of Garner with the birth of the railroad within the community. History revealed that the name of the town was derived from the family that used to lived in the area but later relocated to the state of Texas. There was also another version that the town’s name Garner was given by a Black cabinetmaker that used to own a land within the railroad area after the Civil War. A final statement by W.Powell states that Garner was named after its founder H.C.Garner although not much has been written about the story of the believed to-be founder.

Native American, Afro-American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and other races makeup the population of Garner with the greater population of White American. Early settlers in the town lived by farming with cotton as their main crop. As years went other businesses continued to sprout and thrive in the community. As the population grew, Garner gradually became home to a lot of business and service establishments to the delight of both producers and consumers.

Garner is one of the best communities of choice when it comes to comfortable living. The place is less congested than other resident communities in the state of North Carolina. Beach lovers can have fun frolicking because they are just nearby Garner. Lovers of nature would be glad that they can trip to nearby mountain and go hiking or camping during summer days. The place is just a combination of country living with all the facilities enjoyed in a city setting. They don’t have to go too far to have the fun and entertainment they are looking for when they are in Garner.