Knightdale Real Estate Information

The name of the town Knightdale sounds pleasing to the ears right? Well, Knightdale is a suburb of Raleigh in the Wake County of North Carolina, United States. History relates that after the Independence during the 19th century, Knightdale’s population rose with a lot of them farmers. Main products of the land are tobacco and cotton. It is within the same period that residents of the place initiated the need to establish a town which resulted to the construction of a railroad named after Henry Haywood Knight, who was kind enough to donate a part of his land to the Norfolk and Southern Railroad Company. It was in 1904 when his initiative paid through.

The year 1927 marked the incorporation of Knightsdale through the implementation of the North Carolina Legislature dated March 9 of the same year. The year 2000 marked the greatest increase in the population of Knightdale. This was also the year when the town was tagged as the 7th fastest growing town in North Carolina.

Parks and recreation are also present in Knightdale. Athletic programs for the youth and adult are organized and implemented by those in-charge with implementation to provide recreational activities for the town residents. Greenways and open spaces provide additional sport venues and sightseeing areas for locals and visitors of Knightdale.

Local businesses are also in multitude in this town; all providing easy access to residents and visitors going to Knightdale. Restaurants and other food stores are abundant in this side of Wake County. There are also facilities especially intended for kids; usually for entertainment purposes. So if you are going to visit Knightdale with your kids in tow, you will never have to worry that they will be bored. They will surely be delighted with a lot of choices to visit and enjoy.

Travelers who wish to travel by train need to pass by nearby Raleigh and from there get another transport going to Knightdale because the town is not directly serviced by passenger train. However, a local bus service provides accessible transport to people going to and from Knightdale going to nearby towns in the Wake County of North Carolina.