Morrisville Real Estate Information

Are you interested to learn some facts about Morrisville? This is important when you intend to visit this place in Wake County, North Carolina in the United States of America. This town is part of the Research Triangle metropolitan region with an area of 6.8 square miles. The town is home to some satellite campuses of reputable educational institution like North Carolina Wesleyan College and Devry University. Primary schools are also present to provide quality education to the younger brood of residents in Morrisville.

Residents and visitors going to Morrisville can spend some time visiting the parks in this amiable town. Crabtree Creek Nature Park is one of the most recognized and well-visited park in Morrisville. It features the Crabtree Creek is a daughter creek of the Neusse River that originates from the town of Cary and passes through Morrisville, William B. Umstead State Park and the northern sections of Raleigh. A multi-purpose field is within the vicinity of the park to provide an area for most visitors of the park. Other parks in Morrisville include the Morrisville Community Park, Shiloh Community Park, Cedar Fork District Park, and Ruritan Park.

Visitors traveling by air would be happy to note that the Raleigh-Durham International Airport is just a few miles away from Morrisville. This means that they won’t have to travel far by land just to reach Morrisville. Public land transportation available in the town of Morrisville is the local bus system; on the other hand train passengers need to go to Raleigh or Cary because train does not travel directly to Morrisville.

Major businesses also operate in Morrisville IBM, Sheraton, and Lenovo are some of the companies that are operational in Morrisville. These are major contributors to the economy of the town.

In conclusion, Morrisville is also one town in North Carolina that is worthy to note and visit if you have the time.